Rare Capillary Clots in 62%

“How did rare capillary clots (now found in well over half the vaccinated population) get translated into rare cases? Maybe it’s how the medical hippocratic oath to do no harm is inverted to deny the whole story the body tells as the template for a complete thought process.” Drawing the Line between Real and Inverse Doctoring Whole body reason inherent to every individual requires conscious … Continue reading Rare Capillary Clots in 62%

Trespassers or Fruit of Evolution

The Shadbolt Center at Burnaby Village Museum is right next door to the Burnaby Art Gallery which is currently showing a disgraceful display of dark foreboding perfectly-executed masked featureless faces devoid of individuality… adding insult to injury by augmenting the lowest level of consciousness aggravated by slowing synapses with oxygen deprivation cast in the spell of trans-humanism. As a couple for evolution Jack and Doris … Continue reading Trespassers or Fruit of Evolution

Inconvenient Truth

Why the narrative is crumbling… Objective reason or optical illusion? Tessa and Mary discuss how words and belief (happytalism) don’t make reality… but that’s the default when it’s easy but uncomfortable to establish the facts. “For the majority to buy into it (social engineering) requires mass distribution, which takes MSM and educational institutions replacing the procreational couple as the source of stability.” Reluctant Conscript Continue reading Inconvenient Truth

Scientific Parameters of Abundance

Traditional… Contemporary… “Since homo sapiens are the beings that reason, you are responsible for your own evolution, so when you give up your rationality you give up being human, therefore defining how a human being reasons objectively was the first priority in the contemporary universal school “Consciousness ,made Simple by Precision Design” “While the external elements that raise the level of one person differ from … Continue reading Scientific Parameters of Abundance

An Urgent Message

Retina reveals blood clots quickly… Professor Sucharit Bhakdi explains latest research findings on SARS-CoV-2… How mass media is used to manipulate mind of mankind “You may achieve success, you may achieve influence, you may even achieve greatness, but it won’t make a whit of difference in matching depth of manipulation physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in darkest hour of humanity without the new tools of … Continue reading An Urgent Message