Truth, Freedom & Health… Prevails

Topics by Timecode: — 00:04:27 USA Held Hostage Day 107: Deconstructing Fauci’s lies about 100k/day cases & “models” — 00:25:55 Ron Paul, eyewitness reports & hospital personnel vs media lies & govt propaganda — 00:31:44 General Flynn: “doing the harder right and not the easier wrong”. His op-ed piece calling on Americans to wake up & act & John MacArthur tells Christians that BLM is … Continue reading Truth, Freedom & Health… Prevails

Virologists & Epidemiologists Question COVID Lockdowns

As of April 21st, 87 people have supposedly died from covid-19 in British Columbia (numerous had serious pre-existing diseases and health issues), and we’ve shut down the economy which is effecting millions of of lives right now, not to mention the new depression this is creating which will have a vast impact resulting in homelessness, poverty, starvation, mental disorders and a much higher death count. … Continue reading Virologists & Epidemiologists Question COVID Lockdowns