Truth : Knowledge : Consciousness

We are unapologetic advocates for the principals of a free, open and sustainable society. Principles that include integrity, responsibility, innovation, respect, tolerance, humility, equality before the law, free speech and exchange of ideas, social interaction, and celebration of serving the common evolution through taking action that matches the invisible internal principles of consciousness underlying existence.

We strive to apply these principles across all MetaWorld companies every day, in every situation. We believe them to be critical to our and everyone’s success. Our species can evolve towards a more orderly singularity that has humans at the core of a system which is based around maintaining free will and integrity – defying the transhumanist goal of Social Darwinism and scientific dictatorship.

We and all of creation are connected consciously; there is no separation… The differentiation is that humans beings are conscious of consciousness itself. It is therefore our fixated ego that keeps us trapped in an imaginary world of dialectic polarization. Our own mind has created this illusion.

MetaTalk News is committed to pealing back the layers of ignorance and to uncovering the lies that continue to be perpetrated on us. So we seek genuine truth that matches reality and share it openly. “Truth is stranger that fiction…” Mark Twain



Raised in a corporate family, Douglas Aaring purchased and operated his first business at an early age. Now with 39 years of robust and successful business experience in the bag, he is tenaciously committed to building wealth without compromise and dynamic businesses that match reality.

As the CEO of MetaWorld Capital he offers a unique and genuine style of leadership and vision which brings out the very best in people. Don’t let this fun photo fool you – Douglas is dedicated and passionate about genuine transformation and helping people from all walks of life improve their outcome.


For the past 18 years Suzanna has owned and operated a bespoke health-fitness and online training business. She works with the fundamentals of success defined by un-compromised integrity of the consciousness that defines human beings as the basis of objective reasoning producing superior personal results.

As a senior consultant in MetaWorld Capital, she’s always looking for ways to democratize strategies of increase for busy women and men of accomplishment (as you know being a genuine leader is tough)! She brings advanced human performance transformation strategies to the forefront of business in a way that the practitioner develops a flow of habits and rituals, naturally and without struggle or stress; resulting in motivation, retention and profit.