Fear Underlies Dogmatic Belief

Objective reasoning is not simply ‘narrative’ for or against, it’s based in natural universal law… Running from a bear may seem the right thing to do but it’s a death sentence isn’t it, so the question isn’t to mask or not to mask but what the belief is behind the fear blocking human species from thinking critically. Belief + Fear = Brain Damage If catalyzed … Continue reading Fear Underlies Dogmatic Belief

Only ONE Objective Reality

Awareness of truth heals, whereas denial and deception results in tension which eventually reaches a boiling point that pushes society suddenly into downward resolution seemingly without warning… What you may not yet know is that the hour is much later than anyone dares admit. After five years of consuming GMO’s daily in salt, sugar and spices, even veggies camouflaged as certified organic crops, yes on … Continue reading Only ONE Objective Reality

What Do Discrepancies In Reasoning Reveal?

I was thinking this morning, after the idea came to me, that if I was to answer the question authentically I’d need to do some work to raise my level of consciousness myself… So the first thing I did was go outdoors into the yard and found a spot protected from the G5 towers (which don’t know if you’ve noticed cause pings of pain in … Continue reading What Do Discrepancies In Reasoning Reveal?

Reclaim Your Personal Sovereignty

Vaccine Non Consent Automated Process for My Will Notice… Join the ever growing community of Men & Women realizing their inherent rights… It’s not to late, take your sovereignty back! The link to do so is below 👇👇👇 When you go to this link, select NO you are not a member of Solutions Empowerment and it will take you through the process (which requires three … Continue reading Reclaim Your Personal Sovereignty

Drawing the Line | Human Evolution of Stability

Objective perception or optical illusion, real or mirage? click artwork “Now more than ever life depends on discerning fact from fiction because when the end justifies the means neither truth nor lies matter, so without correct tools to measure synergistic parameters intrinsic to scientific perception, there is no stable ground identifying fragmenting intersectionality of critical theory conspiracy which obfuscates convergence of cultural agreement based on … Continue reading Drawing the Line | Human Evolution of Stability

Hugs Over Masks

MetaTalkNews “man on the street” Interview series at Hugs Over Masks Event with straight forward question, “How did you make the decision to continue breathing normally thru your nose?” Come join the living… Discover how rational judgement depends on the spiritual integration of the three ways of reasoning: physical, emotional, and mental, because the body naturally builds antibody immunity to all viruses equally regardless. What’s … Continue reading Hugs Over Masks

MASK FREE.. for the love of life!

“I was born to breathe, if God intended me to live life breathing thru a mask then He wouldn’t have given me a perfectly good nose.” Suzanna Aaring 2020 Fresh air is the first priority of life, both your cognitive function and your immune function depend on it. The nose is the perfect filter designed by nature, all animals need to breathe germ-killing fresh air … Continue reading MASK FREE.. for the love of life!