Trespassers or Fruit of Evolution

The Shadbolt Center at Burnaby Village Museum is right next door to the Burnaby Art Gallery which is currently showing a disgraceful display of dark foreboding perfectly-executed masked featureless faces devoid of individuality… adding insult to injury by augmenting the lowest level of consciousness aggravated by slowing synapses with oxygen deprivation cast in the spell of trans-humanism. As a couple for evolution Jack and Doris … Continue reading Trespassers or Fruit of Evolution

Intersection of Robots and Humans?

Dispelling intersectional digital DNA model based on OODA Drawing line between man and machine… unfettered vocal, tactile and facial interaction with mother allows the child to develop emotional empathetic intelligence that connects the instant analogical comparison of the gut instinct with analytical intelligence of adaptation Continue reading Intersection of Robots and Humans?