Can You Trust the WHO

Can You Trust the WHO With COVID-19 Pandemic Response? Story At-A-Glance:

  • The WHO’s influenza pandemic plan, devised in 1999, was heavily influenced by the drug industry
  • The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) questioned the WHO’s handling of the 2009 swine flu pandemic, saying its recommendation to stockpile antivirals and vaccines wasted public funds
  • PACE concluded there was “overwhelming evidence that the seriousness of the pandemic was vastly overrated by WHO,” and that the drug industry had influenced the organization’s decision-making
  • There’s other evidence suggesting the WHO is acting as little more than a Big Pharma front group. For example, a 2019 congressional report concluded Purdue Pharma had influenced WHO’s opioid guidelines
  • Only 25% of WHO’s funding comes from member states. The remaining 75% comes from voluntary contributions. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — the investments of which include junk food manufacturers, alcohol and drug retailers — is the biggest funder.

“Are they serving their ‘corporate masters’ to essentially destroy, not improve, your health? The facts prove serious conflicts of interest, including links to Bill Gates and ‘experts’ who have declarable financial ties with pharmaceutical companies.”

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