Truth : Freedom : Health

If you care about your future, your children’s future and humanity then you must watch this video and share it. What’s driving the economic collapse from the worldwide pandemic – and what role does all the fearmongering play? When you view the COVID-19 response through the lens of systems biology, a whole different scenario plays out. And why are you hearing nothing about nutritional strategies?

Today, we continue to provide you information about the COVID-19 pandemic. This Dr. Mercola interview with Shiva Ayyadurai, who has a Ph.D. in systems biology from MIT is not only eye opening, but provides real hope in a world currently turned upside down.


One thought on “Truth : Freedom : Health

  1. I don’t know about you but when my time comes, whatever I die from, the last thing I’d want is for society to shut down on my account.

    But what do want is to shut down G5 microwaving of deep organs necessary for building immunity, because if birds are dropping out of the sky humans aren’t far behind.


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