Down The Rabbit Hole

If you don’t believe in Conspiracy Theories, I get it… but if you do believe every thing the MSM (main stream media), the government, educators, scientists, and more without deeply research what the feed you then you need to rethink things. AJ does just that, he uncovers the truth and so here’s a great starting point for your research.

But why should you? Well if you care about the future of your children, grandchildren and humanity then it’s your responsibility. Standing up for what’s true and right is up to you, to each of us. Today’s AJ Show is the Full Story behind who’s running the world and the well documented and plan to take down the world and civilization as we know it.

Isn’t it funny how yesterday’s conspiracy theories are now todays headlines! The New World Order is not coming, it’s now here!

Tyranny is a more dangerous disease than COVID-19. The World Health Organization has assumed control of America, and we are in the throes of submission to the tyranny dictated by the Communist Chinese-run medical cartel. Join Alex Jones as he attempts to wake more Americans up to the medical tyranny that is upon us.

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