The True North? Canadian Reality Check with Kevin Annett

Most of us are so completely focused on the riots and other local news that we are not paying attention to the very real threats developing all around the United States and world. This discussion is an eye opening look into how Canada is actually operating when the veil is removed.

Free Speech in Canada?

We used to have free speech in Canada, but where did it go?

We have plenty of free speech advocacy organizations on paper, but when was the last time any of them actually stood up to censorship and de-platforming? They’re like a watchdog that has been de-barked.

And when was the last time that Canadian reporters actually challenged the liberal establishment? That seems to have ended around the same time as Trudeau’s $600-million media bail-out.

That’s why I was so thrilled to meet Philip Slayton. I call him a unicorn because he’s so rare — a former law school dean who actually supports free speech.

The Myth is Canada

Cathy Kerrigan shows the timeline in 1860’s of what happened with the Kingdom of Canada Bill and John A. MacDonald’s part in creating the Dominion of Canada, a united colony of the British Empire:

Part 1 | Part 2 | The Littlechild Case

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