Stop Acquiescing! David Icke Reveals the Truth About… Covid / BLM / & More

How we all arrive at our present state of compliance to this worldwide agenda… We’ve all acquiesced to everything we’ve ever been told to do.

A number of clips from this groundbreaking interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today at London Real

  1. Fighting Censorship
  2. The Agenda Behind COVID-19 And Black Lives Matter
  3. Stop Believing Mainstream Media
  4. Stop Identifying With The Labels
  5. How The Cult Wants To Divide And Conquer Us
  6. Why Defunding The Police Is Wrong
  7. Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter?
  8. The Cult’s Agenda
  9. George Soros And The Cult Against Humanity
  10. Hypocrisy Of The 1%
  11. Who Benefits?
  12. How To Not Contribute To The Division
  13. Stop Acquiescing
  14. Why Removing The Statues Is Wrong
  15. Why There’ll Be A Second Lockdown
  16. Mind Control
  17. How To Create Equality and Opportunity
  18. We Need To Stop Acquiescing
  19. How To Get Rid Of Fear
  20. Live Your Life As If You Had 10 Minutes To Live

View… Drawing The Line

Navigating from subjective to objective levels of consciousness is determined by the layers of belief absorbed from the social environment which cloud a person’s thinking and are subsequently manipulated, and their understanding of universal laws of logic.

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