Wealth Creation Revives Economy

The main mistake in believing that negation of negation works, is that it’s led to the premise that masking and confinement (which slows transmission potentially increasing mortality) can somehow prevent transmission of germs which builds universal immunity. And so the rest of the world followed China’s totalitarian quarantine tactics, when in fact solutions innate to the full expression of the natural structure of the human body psyche, that cannot contradict health and well being have already been provided by nature. 

While objective reasoning inherent to the seamless interaction of nature (which also allows diverse individuals to come to an agreement) actualizes consciousness of the physical instinct for self preservation (otherwise considered selfishness), emotional instinct for relationship (otherwise controlled by social distancing) and mental instinct for adaptation (otherwise confused by fear and deceit), submission to unconscious subjective levels of thinking has resulted in negation of life and security.

No one’s a fool though, protection from lowest common denominator thinking relies on recognition of the outdated laws of logic used at unaware levels of consciousness by understanding what constitutes the human body psyche, because repression of the system of expression (masking hands, face and vocal cords) means of communication and inspiration, is not only an insult to objective scientific thinking but an affront to the wealth creation necessary to revive the economy and stabilize society..

So real authority capable restoring law and order in a free country is derived not from negation of human beings but from clarification of consciousness of the principles underlying common law upon which the American Constitution, for example, is based.

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