Found Out WHY

Accurate analysis takes No Effect by internally identifying the altruistic meddling/ alienation dichotomy in the social domain and reactionary fascism/ anarchy dichotomy in the life and security domain, protecting serenity and peaceful security for creative problem solving without acquiesce to physical and psychological warfare disguised by cunning/ bluffing machinations of surveillance distancing and artificial interaction …

At its best science raises awareness of objective knowledge. and at it’s worst fragments the natural laws structuring existence, there’s no in-between because collusion (playing both sides) defaults to the lowest level of consciousness. So even if the laws for optimal immune health requires breathing freely through the nose, the solution has become negated as the problem. Why? Because faulty reasoning regarding the natural laws of health are socially acceptable, and that’s where the level of consciousness flows without an effort of will.

Since logic that follows the laws of consciousness underlying reason is relevant to understanding how freedom of choice actualizes orientation towards life or towards robotic manipulation orientated away from life. This choice becomes evident when presented with the obvious contradiction of rules applying to one group but not to another (such as artificial distancing as a solution to infectious disease) because dialectic reasoning believes change occurs through external contradiction of the body psyche. Since words have no reality in dialectic thinking other than what the ego’s ulterior motive choses to give them, nothing exists outside its mental constructs separated from the body, and so this is useful for the indoctrination of denial and deceit.

So for example when Dr. Emmanuel discovered that everyone she treated with HCL recovered regardless of age or physical condition (over 300 people at the time of interview) the reporter kept asking her why she hadn’t published her findings in a data format. Actual reality is always hypothetical (theoretical) in the mind of a person who’s thinking dialectically, so the reporter couldn’t put two and two together when it came to integrating the practical and the abstract. He couldn’t grasp the solutions that saved the life of her patients while others who were not given the same treatments had died, since dialectic laws of logic depend on perpetuating a mind body split.

Since mind and body develop separately in human beings integration requires a deliberate effort of accurate analysis to take no effect from today’s altruistic meddling/ alienation dichotomy in the social domain, protecting serenity and peaceful security for creative problem solving from acquiesce to cunning/ bluffing machinations. So clarification of consciousness thru identification of inner evolution that integrates sense perception, results in mental concepts that match reality as it is, not as believed to be divorced from physical existence and objective reason.

Because the premise of dialectic reasoning is change through contradiction, definition of the parameters of the body psyche both empirically and internally, experientially, is necessary otherwise semantics block the flow of consciousness (as Ayn Rand said consciousness in human beings is not automatic). When given the choice between investing in death thru the illusionary promise of toxic vaccination and the culture of life thru understanding the laws of conscious reasoning, it was completely lost on the financial developer as he himself admitted a 50/50 chance of irreversible injury.

Because dialectic thinking is disconnected from the natural universal pre-established laws of consciousness underlying the body psyche which determine health and well being, the immorality of ignoring the discrepancy between the fact fewer people died from this year’s flu than usual (and most unnecessarily as they weren’t given the proper treatment) and the percentage of people vaccination normally injures every year, the irrationality of mandating force was completely lost on him (and the interview scrubbed from mainstream media).

At the same time pharmaceutical corporations are making plans to take over global food production because their chemicals have ruined it, as if the contraction would be lost on everyone else as well. So because dialectics only recognizes externally focused thinking (basing its authority for force on the inferiority/ superiority ego dichotomy) recollection of mind consciousness as rooted in the perfect template of the body as a complete thought is the first step to integration. Consciousness takes hard work because the dialectic ego will always try to up the anti to contradict reality with the appearance being awake as a cover for the lowest level of consciousness: fear, aggression and mythomania.

If your decisions regarding health and immune adaptation are based on the belief that nature is inherently flawed, fragmenting the wisdom of the body from the knowledge of the mind ultimately impairs the breath of life itself. Find out more… about how to rectify faulty reasoning by identifying the laws of consciousness that integrate the complete parameters of the body psyche necessary for comprehensive reasoning that matches objective reality.

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