Natural Immunity Innate To Human Health (normal in animal kingdom)

By its very nature the immune system turns weakness into strength if you just ‘let it be’ as John Lennon so wisely advised before his time. The logic of his words is even more apparent today as status quo thinking fights the basic human instincts of self preservation, relatedness, and recovery thru adaptation: the only acceptable means of change being restriction of natural immunity combined with implementation of G5 and this year’s next generation gmo crops which attack the respiratory system with deadly intensity (extending diagnoses of flu symptoms and possibly mortality indefinitely and exponentially).

In other words it’s because nature turns viruses into allies that immune heath is put at risk. With the artificial intervention resulting from thinking based on beliefs that collude conflicting external elements as the preferential means of making money, without the function of the energy of consciousness internal to a process, rationality is eventually removed from the equation. So for example, last night I had to get up in the middle of the night to do my program (which I’ll tell you about later if you subscribe) because I noticed sleep wasn’t regenerating my body like it usually does (as long as I follow natural laws that determine health with toxin free supplementation, etc.

From previous experience I knew it’d be the only way to intensify oxygen in internal organs (which exercise usually pulls out) essential for kickstarting recovery and rejuvenation. Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed how this year’s gmo’s attack the lungs and respiratory organs, but I had a vegetable for dinner that was certified organic but registered as gmo nonetheless (no better lab test than the human body, no better cure than consciousness).

As you know by its very nature the immune system has evolved out of a planetary ecosystem designed to ensure natural immunization with the impulse for connection between all living things, yet this morning the pacifying sculptural double speak coming over the local pharmacy intercom were espousing how drug companies were keeping you ‘healthy and safe’ and to stop the spread of the virus by keeping a ‘healthy’ distance, so Be Safe… and see you soon! (for your vaccine of course).

Though it’s well known that repressing the natural human impulse for interaction is profoundly destructive physically, emotionally and mentally, and socially devastating on such a massive scale that it’s threatening the collapse of civilization, people are still buying it hook, line and sinker. Why? ROI in death will far surpass loses thru lockdown, yes, but it goes deeper to the root of rot. Dialectic double think has entrenched the idea that artificial is more normal than natural.

According to this way of thinking, fragmentation of mind from body provides assurances of acquiescence as the most reliable way to sell a vaccine with an admitted estimated 50/50 chance of injury by the developer (judging from his arrogance it seems it’s no accident the billboard just outside showed a bizarre image of the human body fragmented in disconnected parts). Because it’s only the integration of all the different parts of the body that permits the whole thought that puts two and two together.

Excerpt from Dr. Mercola:

This is like influenza or other respiratory infections. But look at Sweden’s per million death rate. They did not lock down. Their chief epidemiologist said, ‘We need to allow controlled herd immunity to take effect. This is an infection. It’s going to go through the population. You cannot stop it. You have to manage it, but let’s get herd immunity.’2

They [in Sweden] have a lower per million death rate than the United States where we tried to lock everything down. So, the science is not all in and, yet, they’re rushing to bring these vaccines out using messenger RNA and DNA technology that has never been licensed for humans. There are all these calls to mandate, to make sure that every man, woman, child takes this vaccine.

Remember in the final analysis... this is a coronavirus, it’s in the family of coronaviruses that cause the common cold. People have been sharing droplets since the beginning of time. But because it builds immunity naturally, that doesn’t bode well with artificial manipulation necessary to elicit change thru conflict! Find out more about why the only permissible option in 2-dimensional dialectic thinking to stay apart, can only be remedied by wholistic 3-dimensional reasoning that reflects indivisible unity of the Crown of Creation.

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