Only ONE Objective Reality

Awareness of truth heals, whereas denial and deception results in tension which eventually reaches a boiling point that pushes society suddenly into downward resolution seemingly without warning…

What you may not yet know is that the hour is much later than anyone dares admit. After five years of consuming GMO’s daily in salt, sugar and spices, even veggies camouflaged as certified organic crops, yes on top of glyphosate contamination thru ground water and rainfall (without people ever making the connection to signs and symptoms of accelerated aging) it’s no wonder people can’t think straight without emotional reactivity blinding their rationality.

None of what’s going on makes sense till you understand the dialectic laws of dualistic logic driving thinking into insensibility. Because although exposure and recovery has always been nature’s own normal vaccination process, the bigger the lie the more people seem to forget that their body naturally accumulates antibodies as they get older. However your innate immune system only kicks in if pre-existing laws of health are observed and it hasn’t been damaged by previous inoculation (once vaccinated you need to keep getting vaccinated).

So the balance between exposure and recovery is where all life thrives, it’s called ADAPTATION. That’s the catch isn’t it, truth about health can’t both BE and NOT BE. What is, is. While nature instinctively aligns to intelligent universal laws inherent to existence, free will beings at the top of the evolutionary scale have a choice. And thus the elderly are the target as G5 and GMO”s are the hammer driving inoculation into their CoVID-camouflaged coffin.

And if a human being chooses spineless acquiescence to denial and deception regarding oxygen-inhibiting space-invasive dehumanizing mask wearing that raises carbon dioxide displacing oxygen like a paper bag, the brain is damaged and the body sickens. And alternatively inoculation, which if doesn’t kill you (since clinical trials skipped the animal tests after they died from exposure to the wild virus) can disable you, not to mention implant nano surveillance tagging so your life’s never your own again, altering your genes patent pending.

Ultimately human consciousness (read on) is the best ego reducer. however, since the cosmic humour of the seamless nature of existence itself show how ridiculous it is to try to quarantine everything except food (mud and compost being the preferred home for billions of immune-building viruses and bacteria apart). There’s no way to actually stop the spread of germs, unless in a hermetically sealed 6-foot plastic pod…. nature has intricately designed the fruit of planetary evolution to thrive in an environment of viruses and bacterial to build a strong and healthy immune system, and develop herd immunity to protect the vulnerable.

This has been proven since forever, during the Spanish flu Philadelphia did not quarantine, and they recovered the fastest with the lowest death rate. But here’s the kicker, although any civilian knows there’s a time and place for a respirator, it’s taken a little too much not to be suspicious regarding CoVID monetary kickbacks for doctors (only if the shoe fits) to figure out that pushing one down inflamed infected lungs can kill a person. On the other hand a hyperbaric chamber will most surely save the person since oxygen, like sunshine, kills viruses instantaneously. So if the people who did die were give the proper treatment how many would have survive? It’s a good question, isn’t it.

This is a perfect example of how conscious awareness and unconscious denial determines the line between the rationality of science and the confusion of superstitious social myths. When non-invasive immune protocols that ensure recovery such as oxygen, asthma atomizers, HCQ and zinc, etc. are negated while vaccination is unavailable yet being pushed as the solution, robotic laws of logic are implicated in problem solving because it’s quantity of force applied not quality of intelligence that’s required (for a hammer everything is a nail).

Although it’s impossible for influenza to be a pandemic in this day and age because of common sense knowledge regarding proactive health solutions (even though with G5 exposure people really will start to get more sick if they don’t protect themselves from microwaves, not only physically, but in terms of sacred relational impulse natural to normal human interaction essential for emotional health impacting immune resilience (set up for weakening with marketing campaigns that claim social distancing flattens the curve without mentioning that states and countries that aren’t regulating denatured human interaction haven’t had any unusual lines and curves). How do people get so freaked out they don’t realize that respirators are contraindicated in the flu because it’s not the concentration of pressure stressing delicate tissues but the concentration of oxygen that’s required?

Of course this isn’t about the flu, and it’s almost as if the whole hoax was designed to camouflage G5 physiological immunological damage, so people get distracted and don’t make the connection. It certainly explains why the decision makers responsible are predicting the return of the so-called pandemic so vehemently have no concern about being held accountable for manipulating numbers (especially since G5 on oxygen absorption in the lungs as well as depleting atmospheric oxygen mimics flu symptoms). In fact, it seems that organ damage is expected to rise dramatically (Canadian Armed Forces have said no to G5).

But the hysteria continues due to the concentration of false fears promoted by the media (who in Canada are prevented from telling the truth because their CRTC licence can be revoked even on the threat of a law suit (no proof of wrong doing needed). The main mistake of believing that negation of negation works is that it’s lead to the premise that face-masking and confinement can prevent germs from transmitting across the ecosystem of life. And so the rest of the world followed China’s totalitarian enforcement of quarantine as the front line solution, when in fact nature doesn’t contradict health and well being, in fact slowing herd immunity can isolate the burden to fewer individuals in smaller groups potentially increasing mortality in my view.

Therefore the first step is understanding comprehensive logic because solutions that don’t recognize the universal natural laws that determine health manifest as ubiquitous contamination of food, air, water (how many times do you have to spray the Japanese Beetle and pollute the parks and ground water poisoning the birds, bees and every other living thing). The end justifies any means when the purpose is forcing change by bringing society to a boiling point. And thus narratives continue to espouse myth-inducing superstitions that destroy soma and soul (an embarrassment to the human race at this point).

It’s necessary to define reason based on consciousness itself because when freedom and self determination innate to the structure of the body psyche is destroyed, scientific problem solving is inevitably attracted away from universal laws in a downward spiral into darkness and ignorance. Robotic thinking gives the appearance of truth with the illusion of 2-dimensional logic, but its rhetoric is not reality. Building physical, emotional and mental resilience to panic pandemics is not a process of instant gratification, it’s a process of doing the internal work to actualize awareness to reason scientifically with the 3-dimensional logic reflected in the human body psyche.

There is only ONE objective reality (everything else being illusionary, transient) so nothing comes without internal understanding of scientific parameters, including your own survival. The new insanity is not normalcy: even in the dark ages without the potential advantages of education, things didn’t go this lockdown loco; people were largely in touch with their senses. What’s so horrible about purporting to keep the percentage of the demographic that usually dies every flu season alive, is that it’s being used as an excuse to coup middle class collapse, terrorizing small business funding pot-clanging minions celebrating negation of truth in order to trigger reaction. It’s the lockdown that’s killing millions if not billions of people. Without means of livelihood there’s no life on earth.

Of course with ubiquitous physical, emotional and mental tyranny, protecting your body psyche requires integration of the senses via the energy of consciousness itself (everything else being transient and impermanent) because political bandaids fall off in short order… Continue reading

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