Common Sense Strategies for the Common Cold

Positioned at the top of the evolutionary scale as the final fruit of planetary evolution, the human organism is well equipped for its yearly dual with the common cold. So even though, like any corona virus, common cold germs adapt by mutating slightly prior to each new bout with your immune system, it’s no contest for the memory of all previous victories stored in the genome of a being with the evolutionary innate structure of a human being.

Nonetheless it’s necessary for homo sapiens to stay fit for survival thru adaptation, not just physically but mentally. Think of it like a workout for both mind and body: while the immune system flexes its muscles armed with the antibody arsenal its built up over the years the instant it recognizes its foe, the directive function of the brain sets its problem solving on red alert with time tested remedies, if smart enough to use the power of will.

Scientifically it’s known that viruses cannot survive heat, fresh air, or sunlight, let alone the immune system’s kiss of death. So that’s where common sense comes in. Keeping your body temperature in the sweet spot at all times day and night, you’ll likely never even catch a cold. While the practice of cozying up to your hot water bottle wrapped up in your wooly socks, wooly sweater and wooly comforter takes a little foresight, habit force takes it into the realm of routine in short order for smooth sailing. 

And if oxygen alkalizes your cellular environment, a virus needs only grazes your electromagnetic field to know better than to penetrate its shield. A walk in the fresh air may take a nudge from the director upstairs but the body already knows from experience its beneficial balm. And with some research on the internet, tenacity can skyrocket exponentially with revolutionary techniques that drive oxygen into the deep organs which exercise otherwise typically pulls into the muscles (more on that later, so be sure to subscribe).

Then there’s UV rays brought to the door of those in climes too far from the equator thru invention and ingenuity of tanning beds. Not only does sunlight kill the viruses on your skin that somehow your good olive oil soap hasn’t washed off, but more importantly provides your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Of course supplementing your diet with ionic elements like zinc depleted by infection will hedge your bets, and nutritious micronutrients from natural whole foods free of toxins and pesticides which alkalize your blood are a natural preventative further discouraging viral infection in the first place. 

That’s just for starters, I’m sure you can think of many more if you put your mind to it (like glyphosate-free apple cider that kills viruses topically and alkalizes internally or ionic silver that not only kills viruses on contact but also protects you from organ degenerating G5 radiation when applied as a lotion bolstering your immune system) but right now I need to get down to the nitty gritty of doing my own daily routine of common sense strategies for surviving the common cold for myself. So, like I say, feel free to share your story (or your grandmother’s).

” Believe it or not without real time adaptability to mutating transmit-ability the human race couldn’t survive because germs are the building blocks of herd immunity. Displacing oxygen with carbon dioxide isn’t a rational strategy for the common cold, or anything else.” Suzanna Aaring 202

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