Truth Be Told

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Truth be told, It’s not COVID-19 that’s the problem, it’s our reaction to it. Acquiescing to the over reaching tyrannical government control that’s being forced upon us all is killing us.

Millions upon millions have lost their livelihood and vast numbers of small businesses have closed down or are on their last leg like never before in history. All for a flu virus that is confirmed to be no worse than any of the bad flu seasons through out history… in fact SARS was much worse and we didn’t lockdown the World and go around wearing masks which don’t stop the spread of viruses and instead cause multiple health issues such as permanent brain damage due to the oxygen deprivation.

The statistics and science clearly backup this all up. But the truth has been kept from us only to be replace with pervasive lying. And the worst part of all all this are the thousands of unnecessary deaths as there are doctors all over the world being silenced and persecuted because they are treating patients with hydroxy chloroquine and actually having a 100% success rate. All of this is being censored by the news and social media. I could send you hundreds of links to information and websites that prove the statistics, verify the science and support the truth which we are not being told.

Humanity is being desecrated right in front of us; and it seems most people are not willing to stand up and fight. Well that’s not me. All life is sacred and I won’t acquiesce to this insanity and desecrate my own soul.

I’m sure this note will upset many. But before you pounce on me, go and start seeking the truth about COVID yourself. It’s out there all you have to do to set yourself free is be willing to find it…

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