Function of Time & Enjoyment

Experience is a function of time. Timeless art is an expression of the soul, the outcome of experience unique to each individual’s enjoyment of life. As each building block builds on the next it provides a stable foundation for inspiration that fits the time space continuum with seamless affinity (motion that adds real value comes enjoyment, circumventing negation of negation eg. lockdown).  

Though consciousness itself has No Time internally, externally time waits for no one, so if you want to achieve quality that stands the test of time, the first 15% needs to be allotted 85% of the available time (as W. Edwards Gemming demonstrated). If you have the understanding of consciousness to draw that line with internal work matching the time space continuum, once you get the first 15 percent perfect everything else falls into place with instinctive awareness.

Organizing this way expands time so you’re not galloping away in a hundred different directions trying to get everything 100% perfect without laying the foundation first. However since time is the invisible function or heat catalyzing expression of the universal through art, it tends to be devalued in a world where reason is biased towards visible external progress. But since the experience of consciousness across time is the essence of the soul, evolution towards upward resolution of quality requires recognition of the invisible laws underlying existence. Otherwise reasoning defaults to denial and deception.

Because inspiration necessary to build lasting wealth (aligning with laws underlying existence) is the outcome of getting the internal part perfect if this is is given free expression thru the instinct of adaptation in the domain of sentiments then serenity thrives between people resonating on the same wave length interacting with equality (efficiencies provided by internal space precede external efficiencies) and the highest material manifestation point is achieved.

Bottom line is even a simple response (to a message from Brent Mather at the University of Illinois via LinkedIn) becomes more meaningful when you nail the analysis of the function of time because of efficiencies inherent in reasoning that recognize the internal spiritual as well as the external reality of existence. Continue reading….

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