Nature’s Intrinsically Efficient, Technology’s Highly…


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Nothing breeds disease more than masked oxygen deprivation and effects of experimental RNA inoculation are just beining to surface however third party scientists not profiteering from injectable devices called CoVid vaccines, anticipate wide spread blood clotting to set in by the fall among all ages and immune failure after the second injection… compassion is the answer

Q. What’s proving more effective, artificial inoculation or natural immunity?

A. Since CO2 oxygen displacement breeds dis-ease, genetically engineered organisms are intrinsically weaker (RNA viral mutation in particular) and your body is intrinsically 99.9% self immunizing, breathing normally thru your nose is more effective.

B. While short-term research puts your life at risk of mad cow disease within six months of mRNA inoculation (clinical trials won’t be in til 2023 after they see what happens to all the people who got vaccinated) life has proven your own immune system superior if the natural laws that determine your health are followed, and in the event they are not there is now a 100% effective solution for the .01 percent risk.

C. Viral variants only mutate in an acidic anaerobic environment, so protect yourself and your children with gmo-free micronutrients, lots of hugs, laughter, sunshine and fresh air oxygen..

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