Leading you down the garden path

Strategies for leading the downtrodden down the garden path have been around a long time, from the days of Auschwitz to today’s cognitive dissonant re-education, even the financial funnels of the rich and infamous use this technique to lull the gullible into rejecting discriminative thinking, and ultimately morality.

The advertisement that was behind a video supporting the truckers ostensibly, all starts out innocently enough, empathizing with your fears and worries about your financial situation in the context of the present world crisis. They talk about the immorality of unlawful lockdowns, the forced injections, the surveillance and control of the individual, the massive social changes taking place. And how it’s all leading to the biggest darkest event ever recorded, bigger than any financial crash or monetary crisis.

By this time the interviewer (who’s the perfect version of the savvy conservative audience) is expressing disconcerted dismay, and asking the expert (who’s the perfect version of a visionary financial advisor complete with connections in Washington who has somehow accurately predicted all the stock markets in modern times) what the event he’s now predicting could possibly be.

With a carefully orchestrated presentation of official and censored documents he paints the picture of the inevitability monetary collapse, because of how the dollar has been devalued to the point that it’s now not even the paper it’s printed on. The expert even goes so far to say that all physical money will be destroyed, even gold will not be a practical option.

And just at the point on the path when it’s becoming a very small leap for the viewer to accept a switch to digital currency as being inevitable, the expert and interviewer, reverse the gears on moral outrage, and present the solution literally in mid sentence: the opportunity to take advantage of the wealthy powerful forces behind the collapse by investing in the technology company they’ve hired to install the switch to digital dollars.

The flip is so quick, the rapport so flawless between the interview (with whom the viewer is now completely unconsciously identified( and the expert (now established as an indisputable authority) fools you emotionally into believing the discrepancy is all in your head and you ignore your gut instinct. Since this is no way to rewind the video even if you catch yourself and confirm (since it’s a paid for ad) you keep watching.

The interview has not raised an eyebrow and as the expert sales along to the finish line, under the guise of the final solution, and the viewer is left considering the possibility that maybe this is the only way out of their financial predicament, perhaps even justifying their cognitive dissonance with the intent to spread the information on the internet so everyone can benefit from it (until research company is researched).

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