No Middle Ground

Like the perfect electromagnetic pattern of the body, where there is a bud there’s also always a rose there in a very subtle way even before flowering. When it comes to the electromagnetic pattern, a rose or a human being, there’s no middle ground that doesn’t corrupt the pre-established perfection of existence (as Sadhguru says).

Hence too it’s also well know in negotiations, that you never split the difference because no one ends up happy. And though compromise is seen as the panacea for conflict, it never has worked because someone’s always corrupted to the degree that they compromised the natural laws required for their health and well being (for example a war will always be triggered in a no fly zone because artificial limitations are contradictory to humanity’s destiny of freedom and enlightenment). 

Fact is, beliefs about the nature of reality have affected thought and emotion to such a degree that problems cannot be solved because emotional attachment to the belief will inevitably result in conflict with someone who is identified with an opposing belief. Inclusion of creed or belief only happens after agreement on reality.

So clarification of what is the pre-established perfection of that which exists, needs to happen before any resolution can be achieved or any genuinely mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached. As noted this cannot be based on a belief about reality, because identification with any belief removes the mind from the actual experience of perfection, which only the body can recognize instantly, instinctively, if energy flows uninterrupted freely across all the organ systems.

How to access wisdom, knowledge, love and truth has therefore been the perennial pursuit of authentic cultures throughout history, and each epoch has seen the emergence of an internal school that has met the need for unity with a method for enlightenment appropriate to the time and place: the way of wisdom thru the body, the way of love thru the heart, the way of knowledge thru the mind, or the way of truth thru the spirit.

To withstand the pressures of a technological world, a synthesis of all four ways is required for transcendence of attachments in the four physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of the body, heart, mind and soul. Since all nine domains of existence are experienced through the four organ groups in the human organism, identification of the psychological outcome of all the physical components thru experiential differentiation, provides a stable basis for transformation to happen spontaneously (with correct tools under toxin-free conditions when utilized with reverence and respect following precise natural laws of embodiment).  

Precise new tools with the power to bridge the gap between peer pressure, ethics and health under pressure of technological indoctrination have been censored and corrupted…

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