Poetry Painfully Penned

The faces are back, atrophied somewhat after being cast in mandate

Shadow of the shape frozen in time like a deer stunned by bright light

How awful, the dead pan muscles unrelated, the eyes wide shut

Like a wound with a faint indelible scar that can’t express

Limited to emoji’s, fragmented unmoving motion

Like the beta tests embedded with injection

Without lucidity of fluidity of a living soul

Now finding its way thru the darkness

To heal and recover consciousness

To wake up and face to its essence

Veiled by shame of being made a slave

To the mark of the mask imprinted on DNA

And acidification of CO2 oxygen displacement

Splitting mind from body without cleaning karma

Because it’s only a theory, a so called ‘critical theory’

That the dialectic conspiracy can continue unabated is debatable

Because matter can’t be created nor destroyed expression cannot be repressed

When limits are reached return to the center of balance is inevitable.

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