Truth, Freedom & Health… Prevails

Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:27 USA Held Hostage Day 107: Deconstructing Fauci’s lies about 100k/day cases & “models”

— 00:25:55 Ron Paul, eyewitness reports & hospital personnel vs media lies & govt propaganda

— 00:31:44 General Flynn: “doing the harder right and not the easier wrong”. His op-ed piece calling on Americans to wake up & act & John MacArthur tells Christians that BLM is NOT about protecting black lives

— 00:56:18 Eric Peters,, on medical tyranny of the gesundheitfuhrers, the “DAD Act” being pushed in Washington and why we no longer have iconic cars (or liberty)

— 01:24:28 GOP FL Gov pushes masks, Judge Napolitano pushes back — it’s not simply bad medicine, it’s bad law and tyranny

— 01:43:38 Biden’s “no-brainer” pick for VP and her father’s connections to UN Open Borders & Soros’ Open Society

— 01:54:52 Marxist mob comes for Seattle Mayor & she changes her mind about the “street party” called CHAZistan. Mob fires into SUV, arsonist sets himself on fire trying to burn down a home. What are your legal rights to protect yourself ? And, another look at the lawyers who protected their home in St. Louis

Stop Being Afraid Of Covid… and Acquiescing to The Totaletarian Tyranny… There’s Is A Cure!

A West Texas doctor says an inhaled steroid, budesonide, a drug commonly used to treat asthma, is the “silver bullet” for COVID-19. “It’s an inhaled steroid that doesn’t have the side effects of total body steroids but it has the benefits,” Dr. Richard Bartlett said in a recent interview with KWES-TV in Odessa. “It’s like putting out a fire at the base of the fire. I’m having patients recover so quick.” Bartlett, an emergency room doctor for 28 years, said he has been treating high-risk COVID-19 patients such as the elderly or those with conditions such as heart disease and cancer, with the inhaled steroid. COVID-19 starts off in the respiratory system but then moves on to cause severe inflammation that leads to organ failure and death, but Bartlett claims the steroid stops that inflammation from happening.

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