How To Avoid and Detox

Regardless of where and how you live, your body is harboring dozens if not hundreds of toxins that could be and most likely are sabotaging your health. Low on energy? Dealing with chronic illness? Having trouble losing weight? Acidosis and toxic lifestyle are in the mix. Body’Fit Life™ shares the lifestyle secret for healthy weight loss while reducing risk of heart attack with whole foods and pH fitness.

A lifestyle that fits the body works directly with the physical foundation to balance body pH, integrating mental focus (IQ), emotional motivation (EQ), and physical readiness (PQ).

After almost 6 decades Suzanna Aaring discovered how to Ignite Passion in minutes with the first fully 100% aerobic crossfit warm-up cool down and workout exercise routine – an ideal complement for yoga, martial arts, and sports in order to increase the adaptation and recovery that prevents overtraining injury for performance health.

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