Federal Reserve Chairman… Could Save America!

The private, run for profit Federal Reserve was established in 1913 by a consortium of foreign banks. In 2013 we saw a hundred years of the criminal organization that had taken the United States from ten percent growth rates every year to below two percent on average and siphoned off our money and our wealth and parlayed it into a global government and a communist Chinese system they’d established to completely destroy the United States economically.

Now President Trump has quietly done it, and even Bloomberg and other publications admit he’s actually carried it out. Trump has taken over the private Federal Reserve by putting heads into the different branch banks that actually follow his orders. It was only the President in the Federal Reserve Act that could override the private run for profit Federal Reserve.

But when Kennedy in 1963 began to take control of the Federal Reserve, where US dollars no longer said Federal Reserve Note, but instead said, United States Treasury Note, they killed him. Watch the banned.video and find out why.

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