When the Circle’s Complete the Sphere of All-Consciousness and Compassion Rises… We Are One

Thanks to Suzanna’s presentation, “Drawing The Line” I finally understand that my only reason for being here is to take full responsibility first and foremost for my own evolution in order to achieve the one clarification about human consciousness necessary for reasoning objectively, that so few people seem to understand… nothing else meaningful can or will happen until this has become my and our most pressing and savant like aim and desired outcome! As a free individual I am only responsible for my own evolution; then out of this new self-realization comes the awareness of the energy of totality, stability, vitality, sympathy, impulse, expressiveness, intuition, intention culminating in the consciousness to take the appropriate actions for the Common Evolution and thus improve the outcome of peoples lives in ways that match reality. Alternately if actions are directed by external dictates, no meaningful jump in evolution is possible because t’s axiomatic that internally we are one inseparable whole and all the same. Therefore, what each of us does individually effects the whole culture. There is no escaping this accountability. We have all allowed humanity’s present situation, but the future is still in our hands…

Here is your paradise. Here is your book of life. You and I will be forever more.

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If your priorities are external, and your being is attached to how people see you versus how you see yourself, then your uniqueness has been deleted.

I am an infinite conscious being wonderfully and fearfully made by the creator. And in that I can say, “God is eternal, is in all of us, is in everything, is one without second”. Toham Kum Rah

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