Single Most Powerful Force

Reasoning based on the dialectic law of logic ’negation of negation’ must negate the truth in order to gain the upper Reasoning based on the dialectic law of logic ’negation of negation’ gains the upper hand with mental constructs that because they are unrelated to the complete parameters of the human body psyche, negate the truth on some level, and so everyone else who has been taught to think the same way feels they need to minimize themselves to be accepted (thus telling the truth becomes ‘verboten’ under the guise of altruistic guilt).

Once this compromise is made it commits to bigger compromise (so the premise that a person who decides not to compromise should be given a 5 dollar fine leads to the premise that they can be forced at gun point.) Because dialectic thinking is 2 dimensional and doesn’t match the complete picture it must compromise on reality, so cannot lead the world in a positive direction. Dialectics can only mimic complete laws of logic (which are based on the whole human being as the reflection of the totality of existence) in order to fragment the long term effects of vaccines for example.

Whereas 3 dimensional logic recognizes the universal principle of Freedom innate to the structure of the body psyche (where sacrifice is made by choice not force), its perception of energy and movement thru the senses of the whole body allows the mind to make sense of the world logically. That’s why every individual is responsible for their own evolution not anyone else’s (so if you think that an artificial vaccine is better than your body’s own natural immunity than you should be free to test out the theory on yourself in order to evolve).

Of course as you know only reasoning based on the nature of existence has the objectivity to restore order and balance across the cultural spectrum because it’s the only way diverse individuals can come to an agreement on the right action to solve a problem without negating consciousness itself, i.e., the foundation of life. But because people have been conditioned to believe nature is inherently flawed, most of the world’s resources have been allocated to ‘fixing’ the earth and its inhabitants into an artificial concept that’s threatening life on the planet. 

The contradictions are now so deeply entrenched in all aspects of society the only way the rectify them is with consciousness of the universal principles underlying consciousness itself as previous to the mind previous to the body as the outcome of primal cause and effect relationship of the universe. 

The human body psyche is therefore the single most powerful force in creation superseding all machines and machinations when recalled instantly with a simple algorithmic geometric which allow you to reason in reality.

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