Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Debates The New Vaccine Holocaust

How 2-Dimensional Logic Negates 3-Dimensional Logic…

Historic Vaccine Debate On Forced Vaccination Of Americans…. Will the federal government force their needle into your arm as if your body was not your own (when the developer has already predicted a 50% possibility of injury (includes death).

First off, because G5 prepares cells of the human organism to not only generate cellular strands that test as CoVID infection but to make cell membranes permeable to injected DNA material outside the parameters of the innate perfection of cells as (designed by nature for survival) it’s pretty obvious this isn’t about a virus.

Other than restricting breathing and building up viral incubating moisture around the nose and mouth, since masks make no statistical difference and disrupt the O2/Co2 ratio necessary to build immunity naturally, the only conclusion to be drawn is it’s pure and simple indoctrination into submission to dialectic irrationality of high risk artificial vaccination.

Drawing the Line

Dr. Warns New COVID-19 Vaccine Is Untested And Will Alter DNA

With a 50/50 chance of injury expected according to public statements made by the financial developer and the subsequent scrubbing of the video interview by mainstream media, it’s obvious this is about indoctrination into submission to faulty reasoning as a final solution to human life ( if you have relatives who survived Nazism in WW2 you get that immediately).

Del Bigtree: “Human Immune System Has a 99.74% Success Rate Against Covid-19”

Without the integrity of truth as the function internal to transformation of health and beauty there can be no freedom. Because human physiology is the outcome of objective principles, idealistic artificial intervention that breaks the natural universal laws obviously doesn’t restricts injury to one in a million (pharmaceutical drugs causing untold harm historically) since it harms everyone to a greater or lesser degree. And so tension arises when mythomania about mask wearing and inoculation acquiesces to megalomania of the medical industrial military complex resulting in a downward resolution of society.

Therefore mandating force (whether for or against) results in disagreement between the debaters because 2-dimensional thinking based on mental constructs only, can’t understand 3-dimensional logic based on the whole parameters of a human being with free will (unlike animals, it’s not enough to survive physically) who sacrifices by choice, for example when the spirit rises to defend own body psyche against the aggression of forced mask wearing or inoculation, and which also eliminates all unethical war.

Unless law courts take their authority from the integrity of the individual as an indivisible expression of the laws of consciousness underlying the universe they have no validity. Reasoning needs to reflect the pre-existing principle of freedom in the domain of life and security innate to human health and well being. If this is accomplished than agreement is possible between diverse individuals.

So the comprehensive laws of logic now need to be established to protect life itself… Read On

Fast Tracked COVID-19 Vaccine Could Lead To Massive Death Rate



Straight from the horse’s mouth, W.H.O.’s founding director of The Vaccine Confidence Project, Heidi Larson, admits during the Global Vaccine Summit that Big Pharma has made most of the world “vaccine dependent.” Could this be fueling the immense push by health officials to stay in your homes, wear masks, and wait for the Covid-19 #VaccineUnicorn?

How Everyone Will Test Positive

A recent scientific paper explains how 5G creates coronavirus like structures within human cells.

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