Born To Breathe Mask Free

I was born to breathe freely, if human beings were meant to to live life breathing thru a mask we would have been created that way. Viruses and bacteria are the building blocks of the immune system, all animals need to breathe normally thru their nose to stay strong and healthy, and these days the top of the evolutionary scale needs to do so consciously as a matter of free will.

Like anything that makes people sickly and weak, limiting belief in creating change through manipulation results in forcing masks and vaccination on people as if that was the normal way to build immunity. Since almost everyone will test positive if they’ve had a cold in the last couple of years (because the test isn’t testing for an actual virus) everything is now reported as CoVid.But while false positive diagnosis is increasing exponentially for this reason, the good news it also means that universal immunity is now established since mortality is already at half of what it was at the start which by the way was already at half of what it normally is every season.

Although masks make no statistical difference scientifically, slowing exposure and recover with social distancing has extended the flu season indefinitely as all other viruses have magically disappeared into thin air. Meanwhile symptomatic diagnoses mistakes G5 and next generation gmo respiratory symptoms as influenza, while mortality rates of the Spanish flu are equated to CoVID exposure and recovery. By colluding death with immunity as if they were one and the same (remember the only city that didn’t quarantine during that the Spanish flu was Philadelphia which experienced the fastest recovery and lowest mortality) paranoia now supersedes rational judgement..

The problem is when is change based on irrational fear and belief, it always results in a downward resolution of society because this way of thinking relies on negation of negation, totalitarian force, and quantity of restriction turning into quality of life.

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