I can’t think of anything less enjoyable than trying to solve a problem (where you actually have to think) without being able to breathe freely, can you? The breathe of life essential for health is also the source of greatest enjoyment:

Since the body becomes sickly and the mind weak without fresh air inhaled thru the most efficient filter available to man or animal: the nose (precisely designed by nature to work seamlessly with the lungs to optimize oxygenation and immunity) breathing cannot be restricted IF you’re to inspire resilience, motivation and mental clarity.

Because you can’t experience continuity of consciousness in your body as the template for a complete thought to be present in the moment to listen, learn and make the right decisions in harmony with the whole of nature, without breathing fresh air in the correct R-ratio, it’s essential to be aware of the pitfalls of virtue signalling because when adults acquiesce to irrationality they make decisions based on politics rather than logic.

Thus children become the victims of unspeakable cruelty as educators and law makers hide behind holier than thou altruism that results in breathing restriction to genital mutilation. Although masks make no statistical difference scientifically, slowing exposure and recover with social distancing extends the flu season indefinitely as all other viruses magically disappear into thin air. Meanwhile symptomatic diagnoses mistakes G5 and next generation gmo respiratory symptoms as influenza, while mortality rates of the Spanish flue are equated to exposure and recovery from colds and flu (life is equated in death when reasoning is based on belief rather than consciousness). By colluding death with immune building as if they were one and the same (remember historically when interference in natural herd immunity supersedes rational judgement the outcome is always a downward resolution of health and wellbeing of the family).

School shouldn’t be any different from the enjoyment experienced in the rest of their lives because telling children when they can and can’t breathe freely affects both their cognitive and immune function which leads to physical, emotional and mental scarring that determines whether they will look forward towards life or away from life, whether humanity will live or die (if exposure and recovery upon which adaptation depends came to a halt, everything else would too).

Bottom line is learning needs be fun otherwise it becomes another source of manipulation that teaches children they don’t own their own body, not even their own breathing. The solution is simple: let children breathe freely and inspire fresh air for immune resilience, emotional motivation and ground your couple in real problem solving yourself.



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