Paralyzed with Confusion (About CoVID)?

Of course you’ve noticed how although the ears receive information, unless your attention is engaged your mind literally hears what it wants. It’s how thing’s get miscommunicated and the whole picture that determines the most efficient action, gets missed.

Pre-conceived belief, especially about a loaded topic like CoVID for example, actually blocks the flow of information between the external world and your internal consciousness. That’s how someone can end up believing their cat died of CoVID even though viruses don’t transmit between humans and animals, and so they wear a mask even though muzzling has been proven to make no difference in transmission. Also altering the O2/CO2 ratio impairs breathing within minutes eventually affecting cognitive function with long term imbalance.

Understanding how breathing fresh air clears your mind, balances your emotions and optimizes immune function is the first step to integrating the energy of attention and energy of intuition so free expression (hands, face and vocal cords) can communicate effectively what your energy of impulse (heart and lungs) wants to with the affinity to interact with the vitality and stability to solve problems within the context of the whole picture. In other words it helps you reason based on scientific fact rather than status quo belief (so you don’t miss the fact that it’s this years gmo’s are deadlier than ever and mimic flu symptoms (since herd immunity is by now most likely established despite diagnosis which includes common cold).

LEARN MORE… with tools for clearing cognition

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