What Do Discrepancies In Reasoning Reveal?

I was thinking this morning, after the idea came to me, that if I was to answer the question authentically I’d need to do some work to raise my level of consciousness myself…

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So the first thing I did was go outdoors into the yard and found a spot protected from the G5 towers (which don’t know if you’ve noticed cause pings of pain in deep organs) in order to do my morning exercise oxygen routine (which eliminates pain and inflammation in general) and feeling the weight of my body, just relaxed, “about everything,” as the young woman in the elevator remarked who spontaneously de-masked when I shared my experience.

That changed everything, and the words for an article began to form in my mind. Since comprehensive thinking requires a basis for relatedness that encompasses wholeness, the human organism itself provides the perfect template for continuity, and the integrity of thought which provides personal sovereignty and self sufficiency. Because without sensing your own body, you don’t know what makes you happy, really happy, down to the soles of your feet. 

And since happiness is the ultimate source of motivation, once the impulse for relatedness is felt instinctively consciously, thinking intelligently becomes natural, unhindered by pre-conceptions that force the mind into an artificial mold by beliefs absorbed from the external environment all too quickly and easily in a technological world that fragments human-centric thinking.

Right now everything seems upside down, we’re told to love others before ourselves, that exposure and recovery cases equal mortality rates, that everyone should wear a mask even though most people are not at risk and at worst displaces oxygen with carbon dioxide retarding physical, emotional and mental development in children and at best suppresses the immune resilience that regenerates organ systems in aging adults.

.Another example in Oregon it’s illegal to collect rainwater because people can’t realize that if everyone collected rainwater, there would be more rainwater for everyone, but because it’s now politically correct to expect your neighbour, who is more resourceful than you to go down to your level it you’re too lazy to collect rainwater.

So to make a long story short, that’s when I realized that all the discrepancies I’ve been hearing lately couldn’t get to me as long as I remembered that you can’t love others unless you love yourself first, and you can’t love yourself unless you know yourself, because you can’t connect the dots necessary to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally

That’s what resolve to do today. follow the thread like I’ve always done with tools that accelerate understanding of how to raise the vibrational energy of my body psyche starting with the physical realm, in order to protect myself from the negative effects of irrationality, because I’ve come to the conclusion when the energy of consciousness becomes attached to fear and belief, your health degrades. What about you, feel free to share your AH HA moment in comments section below

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