Critical Thinking

When critical thinking is confined to analysis of data in the mental realm it becomes impossible to know what to do intuitively to match the integrity of the whole expressed in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a human being, because without the empathetical understanding in the relational realm connecting the dots, the mental ego becomes disconnected unless the sense of physical being-ness is grounded in the instant analogical comparison as the source of authentic culture … learn more

Now when the internal basic structures of the psyche which differentiate energy and movement into recognizable form and function (distance, weight, volume, time, etc) are corrupted by denial and deceit due to fear and belief, this adds another layer of separation which further clouds critical thinking making it increasingly difficult to come to agreement on solutions that don’t compromise integrity, because problem solving becomes a political struggle of consensus of subjective opinion which serves an externally imposed ideals rather than critical thinking that serves achievement of objective knowledge.

For example people who take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally by anticipating the result of their lifestyle choices and connecting their mind with their body tend to build immunity naturally, and don’t have a need for vaccination. But when the basic structures of weight and volume (say in obesity) are considered apart from the basic structure of distance (space or environment) when comparing the health of people who get flu shots and those who don’t, analysis is paralyzed because integration of the nine basic structures (including time, past, present, anticipation of future and sense of self) require that the functions of space, time, coordination, and self expression remain intact across the instincts of self preservation, relationship, and adaptation.

Therefore to be achievable in terms of providing meaningful information, comparative studies need to incorporate empathetical and analogical components of reasoning with the analytical components to grasp the whole picture. In other words without definition and internal identification of the energy of consciousness of the whole, mental analysis splits mind from body by replacing natural immunity (which respects the laws that determine heath and well being in the human organism) with artificial vaccination that depends on fragmentation and/ or alteration of the natural pre-existing processes.

So the result is the unrealistic expectation that study groups with the same lifestyle would have both have a dependency on vaccination and not have a dependency on vaccination. Yet when reality doesn’t fit collusion of opposites as the basis of change and progress, consciousness is discounted as part of the equation since the internal aspects of reality are considered non-existent or irrelevant. But in reality, because consciousness is previous to the mind previous to the body, unless its laws are respected, the deeper the fragmentation goes to the very core of DNA itself, the more sick and out of balance a human being becomes, because alignment with the intelligent indivisible foundation underlying creation is non-negotiable in natural immunity.

Propaganda and Censorship: The Antitheses of Freedom

Freedom is a prerequisite to having a fully realized human experience. The primary driver of our work at AFLDS is to help preserve our inalienable human right to freedom by empowering people with truth.

The most effective way to steal people’s freedom is to systematically instill fear. The most unobtrusive way to instill fear is via propaganda and censorship. If someone can be convinced that they may not be alive in the future, they might carelessly trade away their right to freedom today. This is such a predictable human response that it is easy to exploit. Throughout 2020 we have watched as fear was deployed through omnipresent propaganda and rampant censorship, and then harnessed to serve a political agenda.

Modern American society is not the first to fall prey to propaganda. As Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Winston Churchill observed that, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” (And that was before the internet.) Every person must learn how to differentiate truth from fiction. This is such a critical life skill that I teach everyone exactly how to recognize propaganda in real-time in my new book: I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture. AFLDS reject propaganda in all forms.

In 2020 the disinformation and censorship has been most obvious in the scientific arena. A successful disinformation campaign convinced both ordinary people and physicians to believe that a decades-old safe medication derived from quinine found in tree barks, used billions of times around the world, is dangerous. In fact, HCQ has been used safely and effectively millions of times to treat and prophylaxis patients with and against SARS-CoV-2. America’s Frontline Doctors continue to oppose censorship in all forms.

Dr. Simone Gold***

If you want the truth about the COVID19 pandemic, and can set aside your politics, please read “I DO NOT CONSENT, My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture” by Dr Simon Gold. It’s a must read.” 
Stephen G.

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