Anticipation is one of nine basic structures

“Analogical reasoning (gut instinct) makes the instant physical comparison that allows analytical reasoning (IQ) to follow direction empathetical reasoning (relational EQ instinct) if the basic structures comprising the body psyche are integrated according to natural laws (adaptive instinct).” Reluctant Conscript Suzanna Aaring

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In the process of decision making, your ability to anticipate based on complete parameters of reasoning will literally determine the moral choice you make at this decisive moment in the crossroads to your future.

Have you anticipated the after effects of the new experimental vaccines might be a year or two down the road?

Because be aware, here’s an example of an email you may get:

“Have you seen the video revealing the next big technology play? It’s fascinating stuff. And more importantly it’s opening doors to some serious wealth [at the expense of life itself].This mind blowing technology is minting a slew of new millionaires in the process…. it could alter your future…

[ie. your consciousness, your life, to the lowest level of fear and ignorance at the cost of your soul]”

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