Compassion is the answer

Nothing breeds disease more than masked oxygen deprivation and all effects of experimental RNA inoculation have just begun to surface… however third party scientists observe wide spread blood clotting in all ages … with decimation of the immune system anticipated after the second inoculation.

Because at the highest level of functionality the body is intrinsically self immunizing, artificial altercation with technological devices can be catastrophic (Oil Gas industry plans to replace all vaccinated personnel within three years due to adverse effects)

Nobel Prize Winner and Virologist Luc Manier

By the same token, function can be fully restored when the natural laws that govern the health of the body psyche are followed. Therefore the first purpose of science is to identify laws governing health by defining the parameters of reason that distinguish objective perception from optical illusion.

While not everyone is at the same point in their evolution, every one has the same basic internal structures…

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