MASK FREE.. for the love of life!

I was born to breathe, if God intended me to live life breathing thru a mask then He wouldn’t have given me a perfectly good nose.” Suzanna Aaring 2020

Fresh air is the first priority of life, both your cognitive function and your immune function depend on it. The nose is the perfect filter designed by nature, all animals need to breathe germ-killing fresh air to stay strong and healthy, that’s how human beings have survived since the beginning of time, with nature’s own immune building strategy of continual exposure and recovery. But the time has come do so consciously by fulfilling our own free will and the potential to reason objectively….

Dr. Mercola

CDC Report: 70.6% of COVID Patients Always Wore a Mask

  • A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report revealed that, of the symptomatic adults with COVID-19, 70.6% always wore a mask and still got sick, compared to 7.8% for those who rarely or never wore a mask
  • Dr. Jim Meehan, an ophthalmologist, conducted an evidence-based scientific analysis on masks, which shows that not only should healthy people not be wearing masks, but they could be harmed as a result
  • A working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that nonpharmaceutical interventions, such as lockdowns, quarantines and mask mandates, have not significantly affected overall virus transmission rates
  • Children forced to wear masks for long periods could experience mental and psychological repercussions, and at least 17 physical risks are also posed by wearing masks
  • With the lack of solid evidence to support mask use among the general population, it appears as though mask mandates are being used as political and psychological tools rather than one aimed at protecting public health

Masks Are Destroying Your Brain And It’s Worse For Kids

STORY OUTLINE… A Must Read if you Care About Your Life & Health

There’s No Scientific Support for Mask-Wearing | The Importance of All-Cause Mortality Statistics |Government Lockdown Orders Fueled Death Toll | Why Government Response Was Ill Advised | Why Masks Are Used During Surgery | Mask Wearing Does Not Protect Others Either | Why Masks Don’t Prevent Viral Infections | Why Masks Have No Impact on Viral Load |Mask-Wearing Is Not Without Its Risks | Mask Mandates Are Indicative of Rising Totalitarianism | Mask Mandates Allow Government to Shirk Responsibility | Calls for Peaceful Civil Disobedience Are Growing

CDC estimates mortality rate is 0.4%, significantly lower than previously reported… Read On

And if mask are so effective then why werent we instructed to wear them back in 2018 when Tuberculosis killed over 1.5 million people including over 200 thousand children… Read On

There is zero scientific proof that the virus is spread by A-symptomatic people and they aren’t able to provide a study that even proves their claims but yet we have a reputable scientific study that proves A-symptomatic people DONT spread the virus so you can use your imagination to figure out why the media hasn’t reported… Read On

World Health Organization states as of April 2nd there has been no documented A-symptomatic transmission… Read On

Veteran Warns Masked Tyrants… Take Your Mask Off

The COVID hoax has been exposed but the regulations keep coming. This veteran’s speech is a wake-up call to the middle class that the govt is intentionally destroying.

4 thoughts on “MASK FREE.. for the love of life!

  1. Just thought I’d add to the discussion on mandatory use of face masks:

    The article: I explain from a more commonsense approach (AND, from a little bit of my own military training), the fact that just the use of a face mask (or an improvised facial covering) within a “biologically-contaminated environment” (in which our “public space” is “officially” declared under “COVID-19”) is not good enough. – I made my own observations known, not as any degree’d scientist, nor as any medical doctor (MD), but as an alert, studious citizen with at least some formal training on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense procedures and equipment. IF we are, in any fact, to find ourselves within so contaminated an environment (“biological”, that is), then we, in fact, would need to be fully-suited, head-to-toes, in a complete chem-bio-hazard suit – with a heavily-filtered air supply system.


    The various points I made, already called into serious question, the supposed “need” for everyone to wear a face mask, or other improvised facial covering, everywhere and all the time. – THAT’s how PHONY this whole charade has been, and fully obvious to the awake and alert.

    – Jim S.


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