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The link to do so is below 👇👇👇 When you go to this link, select NO you are not a member of Solutions Empowerment and it will take you through the process (which requires three documents and three waiting periods).

Instructions for Completing International Non Consent Vaccination Letters… Now available for: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, Philippines and other countries upon request to Solutions Empowerment.

Also sign the following petition here

Infectious disease expert Prof. William Haseltine has stated, “Prevention of infection is not a criterion for success for any of these vaccines.” He also explained “…while most people expect that a vaccine will prevent serious illness in the event they’re infected [] three of the [leading] vaccine protocols do not require that their vaccine prevent serious disease only that they prevent moderate symptoms which may be as mild as cough, or headache. [so] it’s unknown whether the vaccine [which claims to be 90% effective reduced the number of cases of serious disease, hospitalizations and deaths, as no distinction was made between serious COVID-19 cases and those causing only minor symptoms [or] how the vaccine fared in different age groups, a key data point since older people are those most at risk of serious disease outcomes. It also remains to be seen how long any protection offered by a vaccine may last, as the study just began in July.”

Robert F. Kennedy has pointed out that a good immune response to a vaccine for a highly virulent quickly mutating corona virus vaccine doesn’t mean that the other antibody it produces (which enhances paradoxical immune response) will not attack the body like it usually does upon actual exposure (600 children died in the Philippines due to paradoxical immune response when a corona virus vaccine was previously attempted).

The timeline of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine is unprecedented as, on average, it can take 10 to 12 years for a vaccine to be developed and go through the normal licensing process.It’s far too soon to know whether the vaccine is safe. Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota said, “We don’t know anything about groups they didn’t study, like children, pregnant women, highly immunocompromised people and the eldest of the elderly,” 

E-2961 Petition to the Government of Canada


 • The Government of Canada does not conduct independent safety testing of vaccines;

 • COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are being granted legal immunity and will not be legally or financially liable for injuries or deaths caused by their products;

 • COVID-19 vaccine development is being rushed;

 • Standard, prudent safety protocols, such as prior animal testing, are being waived;

 • COVID-19 vaccines currently under development are not tested against an inert placebo and are utilizing never before implemented technology that injects manufactured genetic materials;

 • Long-term adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccination may not be known for many years;

 • No coronavirus vaccine has ever been approved because of serious adverse effects, including death to test animals, due to pathogenic priming;

 • COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or transmission; and

 • Bypassing proper safety protocols means COVID-19 vaccination is effectively human experimentation.

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to

1- Preserve and protect our ethical, legal, and moral right to informed consent;

2- Legally ensure COVID19 vaccines are voluntary. This choice must be without disadvantage or prejudice;

3- Require that vaccine safety studies comply with standards equal to or exceeding other pharmaceutical products;

4- Create an independent committee with a broad range of stakeholder representatives, including citizen vaccine safety advocates;

5- Ensure no committee member has intellectual or financial conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical or medical industry;

6- Grant this committee the power to independently review applications for approval of all vaccines, including COVID-19; and

7- Develop a vaccine injury compensation program whereby vaccine manufacturers are responsible for paying all costs related to the compensation for those injured or killed by their vaccines.

*Above courtesy of Dr. Francis Boyle (Harvard)

Support Videos

Censored Doctor: mRNA Vaccine Technology Killed Animals in Tests Bypassed for Covid…

Dr. Carrie Madej D.O. joins The Alex Jones Show to shed light on the vaccine technology being pushed for mandatory injections with admitted 50/50 chance of vaccine injury (imagine being forced to buy a car known to cause accidents for half the drivers with no way to collect on the insurance) .

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the medical tyranny taking advantage of an ignorant and fearful populace to force injection and create a wider customer base for dependency on big pharma drugs as the solution.

Del Bigtree: “Human Immune System Has a 99.74% Success Rate Against Covid-19…”

…why take the risk vaccination demonstrated in human trials if you’re at zero risk in the first place because now we know it blows the herd immunity which protects vulnerable populations naturally and sustainably.”

Top medical TV producer Del Bigtree joins The Alex Jones show in-studio to break down the best chance the people have to fight the Covid virus and beat the impending medical tyranny which contradicts the first law of human rights that no one can sell themselves into slavery (proclaim it personally with notice of liability above and protect yourself)

UNESCO –  International Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights

 Article 6 – Consent 

1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

To continue paraphrasing Del Bigtree: “All vaccines have done is destroy natural herd immunity, ever since the measles vaccine after everyone had already stopped getting measles because of herd immunity (no baby could get measles because mothers transferred herd immunity during the birthing process) then the measles vaccine came out…”

For more discussion on how discrepancies in reason eventually reveal ulterior motive… click here

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