Drawing the Line | Human Evolution of Stability

Objective perception or optical illusion, real or mirage?

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“Now more than ever life depends on discerning fact from fiction because when the end justifies the means neither truth nor lies matter, so without correct tools to measure synergistic parameters intrinsic to scientific perception, there is no stable ground identifying fragmenting intersectionality of critical theory conspiracy which obfuscates convergence of cultural agreement based on reason not consensus.” Suzanna Aaring 2022

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN in an age when living organisms are patented thru gene modification? https://www.brighteon.com/6b88c5ba-944f-4e14-a2ed-0a3533e9fe3f Dr. Kelly Madej asks the most important question of our time.

Drawing the Line – Evolution of Stability

To discover the solution it’s necessary to identify the invisible function underlying the problem by defining complete laws of logic experientially as well as empirically. If reasoning is attracted towards awareness of the internal universal at core of the body psyche, then the energies of attention, intuition, expressiveness, impulse, sympathy, vitality, stability and totality circulate predictably in an upward resolution of reasoning predictably to match the demands of reality.

Did you know same number of people died from all causes as usual in 2020 in every nation worldwide? Interesting, huh. However that doesn’t mean a crisis doesn’t exist: the magical disappearance of other diseases instinctively points to a multitude of G5-GMO lifestyle factors combined with any cold or flu including gmo viruses, resulting what’s called Covid variants causing inflammation that can’t heal without H2O2 and zinc with transport molecule Quersetin (plant derived equivalent of HCL) especially where immune over-reactivity induced by the new experimental mRNA injections is triggered after exposure to viruses in the wild leading to shedding  …continue reading

If analogical intuition (PQ) catalyzes empathetical intelligence (EQ) and data analysis (IQ), the result is a jump in objective perception: for example when all available data is analyzed and all other possibilities eliminated, reverse engineering backwards from the solution (building immunity as nature intended by breathing normally thru your nose being almost 100 percent effective) identifies the problem no matter how improbable:

What has lead so many people to risk their lives with experimental inoculation when all effects have as yet not surfaced (final results of current clinical trials which now unspeakably include children and infants won’t be in till 2023)? Life now literally depends on your ability to THINK...

Drea objectively breaks down covidism

But because negating the nature of existence with innovation for sake of innovation (invasive therapies and medical devices) destroys your connection to consciousness itself, it now threatens perpetuity. If you’re suffering from exposure to maligned gmo and G5 technology, then breathing restrictions, experimental vaccinations and social isolation won’t help. You need to remove the offending agents and detoxify the mind and the body from artificial irritants to reduce inflammation exacerbated by toxic emotions and chemicals because if you don’t identify the underlying problem you won’t identify the solution (due to its intricate evolutionary interaction with nature your body is intrinsically self-immunizing 99.9% of the time).

Since homo sapiens are the beings who reason (if you give up your sensibility you give up your humanness) to fulfill rationality it’s necessary to think logically in alignment with intelligent universal principles underlying health and wellbeing.

Although objectivity is inherent to the structure of the human body psyche as a reflection of consciousness, not everyone has developed critical thinking to the same degree, so when optical illusion is mistaken for objective perception consciousness gets trapped by augmented reality, and your mind gets pit against your own body.

Yvonne expresses her intuitive sensibility on health and wellness

Since critical thinking is a synergy of IQ EQ PQ in equal measure context is everything because while the techno-centric ego thinks its beliefs are your experience, the body psyche knows better what’s real, instinctively, So culture agreement requires the comprehensive logic that takes critical thinking beyond techno-centric adaptation of humanity to human-centric adaptation of technology (because faith alone is too slippery usually).

Marcella expresses some of the challenges of achieving a sound mind and body

Some people are okay with that. Why is that? Even though the word is out that the CDC’s own website showed the same number of people died worldwide from all causes last year as usual (promptly scrubbed but easily retrieved on the way back machine) that doesn’t mean that a crisis doesn’t exist from the perspective of wholistic reasoning (data analysis in equal measure with analogical intuition and empathetical connection of the dots) because what’s called COVID is the result of multiple technologic-sociologic-physiologic factors (G5-GMO-Atrazine and depravation of oxygen, healing touch, HCL, etc,) which cause irreversible splitting at the cellular level with any cold or flu

So even though nature designed viruses to be transmittable and work synergistically with the immune system of the human organism (lower animals as well) someone thinking dialectically cannot detach their consciousness from subjective acquiescence to the dominant establishment, because they have no other basis for making decisions. On the other hand if you ask someone aligned with the innate integrity of the body psyche if it’s possible to stop the spread of viruses without destroying the host, the objective answer is obvious because they see the intricate interaction of life as a unified whole. Real health and well being is not an option in socially accepted dialectic logic because inspiration to solve problems based on harmony with nature takes the integrity to think logically and express freely, and resorting to force destroys focus on logical human-centric problem solving.

Unless the energy of consciousness (which is previous to the mind previous to the body) is defined using complete laws of logic underlying reasoning (which actually helps you gain the courage to ‘think different’ for the sake of your health and well being, reality is negated at point of belief (denial of integrated somatic experience, see video above). Because human DNA is the evolutionary fruit of the planet, if humanity is adapted to serve technology, altercation will plummet humanity into devolution unimaginable to the soul. But because the gradual demonization of human genes thru collusion with just about every malady (when rarely at fault) has prepared the mind for experimental techno-centric solutions (the bottom line corona virus preparations are still in the experimental stage having never been tested on animals because they die, and statistically significant percentages of people who weren’t sick prior to inoculation are dying within two weeks).

So someone thinking dialectically cannot differentiate an open mind from a blank mind so out of touch with the body it absorbs anything propaganda dishes out, and therefore acquiesces to external directives orientated towards lockdown, not life. Once fear and belief based on dialectic deceit and denial becomes the basis of decision-making even a case-demic = pandemic (empirical data easy to manipulate). Thus when direct somatic experience is removed from the equation politics is colluded with medicine and that’s a very dangerous game. So it’s a good strategy to ground the mind in the physical body because the body can’t lie.

The good news is even a small change in the consciousness of the body psyche makes a big difference to both personal health and well being and cultural stability, a little effort on everyone’s part can overcome both genome alteration and social altercation can be overcome. Intuition depends on the sensibility of bodily senses to gather the necessary information. So the universal principle of freedom is essential for health and wellbeing because no one can tell you better than your own body psyche how to coordinate with your environment to match your complexity as a living breathing human being. . But now that the three R’s are no longer taught as objective tools but as means of indoctrination, instinctive sensibility has become unacceptable as the objective parameter for human centric decision-making.

The more complete your knowledge of the internal parameters of experience, the easier it is to come to an agreement based on reason. However complete laws of logic needs to be actualized following the innate structure of the body psyche, not simply intellectualized, otherwise it’s difficult to summon up the willpower to overcome the levels of denial in the subjective levels of consciousness: from master-slave thru to social rules and dogma, playing God, charlatan collusion of conspiracy as theory, disillusionment, and denial of pain to the point of suicidal panic.

Without knowing the complete measure-able parameters of human experience society cannot fulfill the domain of Laws and Morals because until the intermediary levels of consciousness are achieved, where an individual begins to feel the pain, face death, and gain wisdom from experience it’s not possible to perceive truth. And so self preservation doesn’t kick in to protect yourself, your devices, and your living space from the real problems: weapon-grade G5 in an atmosphere where prohibition of human contact physically, emotionally and mentally (thru censorship) restriction of breathing, exercise and natural whole food like raw milk.

Standing under common law as a reflection of the innate structure of the human body psyche is protected by aligning with the highest vibration of consciousness, in fact your survival now depends on it because once objective reasoning breaks down, you can’t make decisions that match reality so it’s only a matter of time before civilization breaks down and democracy disappears with tyranny on its heels. It’s the clarification of consciousness that ultimately determines whether decisions are made on the basis of fear or belief absorbed from the dominant social environment where speed of technology adapts you to lose consciousness innate to your own body psyche instead of adapting technology to serve you.

Clink link below for an example of how dialectic thinking reverses logic the change the definition of herd immunity

…mask-wearing even in a so-called high risk situation cannot be supported logically because breathing freely is the first priority of life… and the ineffectiveness of wearing a mask can proven by this simple method

Dr. Simone Gold:

Propaganda and Censorship: The Antitheses of Freedom

Freedom is a prerequisite to having a fully realized human experience. The primary driver of our work at AFLDS is to help preserve our inalienable human right to freedom by empowering people with truth.

The most effective way to steal people’s freedom is to systematically instill fear. The most unobtrusive way to instill fear is via propaganda and censorship. If someone can be convinced that they may not be alive in the future, they might carelessly trade away their right to freedom today. This is such a predictable human response that it is easy to exploit. Throughout 2020 we have watched as fear was deployed through omnipresent propaganda and rampant censorship, and then harnessed to serve a political agenda.

Modern American society is not the first to fall prey to propaganda. As Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Winston Churchill observed that, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” (And that was before the internet.) Every person must learn how to differentiate truth from fiction. This is such a critical life skill that I teach everyone exactly how to recognize propaganda in real-time in my new book: I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture. AFLDS reject propaganda in all forms.

In 2020 the disinformation and censorship has been most obvious in the scientific arena. A successful disinformation campaign convinced both ordinary people and physicians to believe that a decades-old safe medication derived from quinine found in tree barks, used billions of times around the world, is dangerous. In fact, HCQ has been used safely and effectively millions of times to treat and prophylaxis patients with and against SARS-CoV-2. America’s Frontline Doctors continue to oppose censorship in all forms.

I am a physician trying to educate patients and an attorney trying to educate everyone. As a Stanford University Law School graduate, I am familiar with the Constitution and election process. There has been tremendous misinformation on social media and flat-out disinformation in the traditional (television) media as to what is transpiring right now. Here are the facts as of November 11, 2020:

-There is no “winner” yet, not because it is unknown, but because it is thus far, unknowable. 
-The winner is unknowable until the Courts determine the amount of election fraud. 
-The Courts have received a vast amount of hard evidence, data, and affidavits attesting to election fraud. 
-Media declarations of a “winner” are wholly irrelevant. 
-Media declaring a “winner” causes citizens to lose faith in the process and hardens unjustified entitlements. 
-Bush vs. Gore required 37 days of excruciating transparency, with all media and bipartisan observers witnessing and video memorializing every moment of the process. 
-The media insisted on referring to Gore as President-Elect Gore. Right up until he conceded.

President Ronald Reagan taught: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

May we all continue to: think clearly, discern cautiously, and trust intuitively. Only those in possession of truth can find freedom. God bless you, and God bless America.

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